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Happy Parent Testimonials

"My son is thriving here. It was the right choice to take him out of the mainstream. Mainstream works for a lot of kids, but definitely not all. My son is testament to that. He's finally playing to his strengths, and I'm proud of the person he's becoming. I can't recommend this school highly enough! Amazing teachers, incredible learning opportunities and above all... Happy kids!”



“E (13) and W (11) have been at the school since Kindergarten. We started with the Parent and Toddler group, simply because it was such a lovely, gentle and nurturing environment. Neither of us knew anything about Steiner teaching, having come through mainstream education ourselves and leading mainstream lives.​ What we love about the school and its teaching methods is that children learn principally by ‘doing’, especially in the younger classes. There’s no learning by rote, no tedious homework exercises, and both E & W have blossomed, both academically and socially.”



"Since our son started attending class 1 at Drumduan we have seen an incredible transformation in his wellbeing and confidence!

The attention to his individual needs and an understanding of him as a person that his class teacher has provided have been second to none. The beautiful setting of the school and the community spirit among fellow parents is also wonderful. Thank you!"


“The experience we have had of our daughter progressing through the school over the last three years has been one of a space – for creativity, for play, for imagination, and space to develop her skills, confidence and knowledge at a natural pace, unhurried by targets, testing or stress.”


"The school is located on top of a hill in a beautiful woodland. The teachers are very experienced, and the children feel very at ease.  My children are definitely thriving at Drumduan School."



"It’s been a journey. Moving from the Netherlands to Scotland with a very shy 6-year-old daughter who hardly spoke any English and starting a new, exciting and intense job as a kindergarten teacher.

The staff and parents were warm and welcoming. Cecile, my daughter's teacher, has been a blessing for my shy daughter who's slowly and gently crawling out of her shell (and spoke fluent English within 3 months!)."

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