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On graduation from Drumduan School, usually between the age of 18 and 19 years, students may follow a number of different paths...


We encourage students to take their time in deciding if university or college is the right next step for them. Too often, school leavers are pushed into applying for university simply because that is 'what you do' after school. We hope to support our graduating students to make the choices that are right for them. This may, of course, include applying for university.

In most cases, universities have set requirements for state-exams as a requirement for entry. Although we do not offer exams at our school, we are committed to supporting our graduating students to achieve a place at university or college should they wish to do so. In some cases this may require direct contact with the relevant department or admissions office. The portfolios and references that the students generate during their time at Drumduan can support their application for a place. 



For some Drumduan students, a particular interest in a subject or possible career or vocation may lead them to enrolling in exam-based courses at further education colleges. We anticipate that the high level of study in the wide rage of subjects of our curriculum will equip Drumduan students excellently for more formal examinations should this be the route that they decide to follow. 


Some students may decide that after many years of school-based education, they are ready and keen to travel the world. Having been involved in numerous social projects during their time at Drumduan, both in Scotland and further afield, it is likely that some may want to return to organisations that they have already worked with for a longer period


As work experience and internships are an integral part of our upper school programme, some graduating students may decide to join the world of work directly, or take up an apprenticeship, possibly building on what they have experienced during internships whilst at Drumduan.

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