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Drumduan School is currently accepting admissions for all age ranges from 3 to 18 years old.

The School operates an “all year” admissions policy, admitting students at any point throughout the school year.   


Drumduan School has a socially inclusive admissions policy that does not select children on the grounds of gender, ability, race or religion. The school considers all children as having individual needs and aims to meet those needs as best as possible, taking into consideration the child’s age, developmental stage, school's resources, and other circumstances. The Teaching Staff determine admissions, after the completion of the Admissions Procedure.



  1. Please send initial enquiry to the School Administration Office

  2. Then arrange a School Tour with the relevant staff.

  3. Completed application form with fee returned to Administration Office.  Recent school reports and/or any assessments / information relevant to the students, need to be submitted with the application.

  4. A meeting for the parent / guardian and the student is arranged with the class teacher / guardian. Someone from the Learning Support team may also be included in this meeting where deemed appropriate.   Note: step 6 may be included at this stage in certain cases.

  5. A minimum of 3 taster days is arranged for the student. (Does not apply to Kindergarten admissions.)

  6. Feedback from the relevant staff on Drumduan being able to 'meet the needs of the student' - (i.e. Teacher / Class Guardian feedback on taster to Admissions).

  7. Possible Financial interview (If financial assistance has been applied for only in certain cases). (Note: Bursary assistance is extremely limited)

  8. If a student is accepted, a start date is arranged with the class teacher and this will be confirmed in writing with a welcome pack.  A Parental Finance Agreement (PFA) will be issued by the school for payment of fees.

  9.  When enrolment is completed, the school will request student file from previous place of education

NOTE: In certain cases the above steps may take place in a different order taking into consideration visiting and distance students. It may also be the case that some steps are not necessary, and this is at the discretion of the school and relevant staff involved in admissions. All students are admitted to Drumduan on a terms trial basis.


Where a child’s educational needs are deemed to require additional support, then a separate assessment of such needs should take place prior to a place being offered. This may then lead to the drawing up of an appropriate educational strategy.  Depending on the level of additional support, the family concerned may need to fund the support in addition to normal fee arrangements.


In addition, the acceptance of such a child into the school will depend on:


  1. Whether the school is suitable for her/his age.

  2. Whether the child’s ability or special educational needs can be met.

  3. Whether the school feels that the acceptance will not adversely affect the education of pupils already in our care.

  4. Whether the school has the resources to meet his/her needs.


Teaching staff will take the final decision on admissions after consideration of the appropriate interview reports.


An offer will be made to successful candidates by the school and will specify the start date, class and any special conditions attached to the offer. A fees schedule will be attached outlining fees payable and options of payment methods available. The offer will remain open for 14 calendar days from the date of posting. If not accepted in writing within this period then the offer will be withdrawn.


The school reserves the right to refuse admission if staff do not feel, on the basis of the above criteria, that the child’s needs can be best met at the school without detriment to those already in our care.

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