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Drumduan School has no state funding and is therefore wholly dependent on school fees, fundraising, donations and any other sources of income that can be found.  Outlined below are our annual school fees, payment options and notice period.


A per Family Charge will be added to the fees for the first child of every family in the school. Second and subsequent children will pay the applicable class fee only.


In addition to these class fees, a £1,500 annual charge will be added to the Parent Financial Agreement (PFA) of the eldest child in each family ONLY. To calculate fees for a second or subsequent child, use the annual class fees only.

                                       2022 - 2023          2023 - 2024 
                                                                     (Current Year)

CLASS                                  ANNUAL FEES     ANNUAL FEES  

Kindergarten* (3 days p/w)      £3,858                 £3,858
Kindergarten* (4 days p/w)      £4,629                 £4,629
Kindergarten* (5 days p/w)      £5,400                 £5,400


Class 1                                          £6,408                 £6,408

Class 2                                          £6,750                 £6,750

Class 3                                          £7,080                 £7,080

Class 4                                          £7,446                 £7,446

Class 5                                          £7,812                 £7,812   

Class 6                                          £8,172                 £8,172

Class 7                                          £8,535                 £8,535

Class 8                                          £8,898                 £8,898

Class 9                                          £9,261                 £9,261

Class 10                                        £9,621                 £9,621

Class 11                                        £9,984                 £9,984

Class 12                                      £10,347              £10,347

What’s included in the fees?

  • The cost of materials used regularly within the curriculum


Fees do not include:

  • Any costs of writing material from Class 2 onwards

  • Any costs associated with work experience for upper school students


A one off non-refundable fee of £50 is levied on all applications to cover the costs of meetings with families and the processing of applications.

For any additional applications, the application fee reduces to £25, as long as the children are starting at the same time.


Children who are eligible for Moray Council Early Years Funding are exempt from this fee.


(non-funded Kindy, Class 1 and above)

A deposit of £500 is required for a single student and £800 for 2 or more students from the same family.   When the student(s) leave Drumduan School, the deposit will be returned on receipt of payment for all outstanding fees and invoices.  In the event of a student leaving without providing the required terms notice in writing, they will be responsible for payment of a further term’s fees.  


One full term’s notice is required for the withdrawal of a child from school. The School should receive this notice in writing on or before the first day of term.   


A further full terms fees are payable if insufficient notice is received. 


* Eligible children, who qualify for Moray Council Funding, do not pay for Kindergarten Fees. 
The fees listed above are for non-funded places only. 


Please refer to the Moray Council website for eligibility details:


1. Monthly Direct Debit/Standing Order – to be paid by the 15th of each month.  Please note that monthly payments can only be accepted by Standing Order. 


2. Yearly Payment in advance/up front – to be paid one week before the start of the new school year. 

3. Quarterly payment in advance/up front – to be paid one week before the start of each new quarter.3.

You can download our Fee Assistance Policy here.

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