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Here at Drumduan in our lower and middle school, we endeavour to meet the needs of the whole child; academic, physical and emotional.  Our approach is influenced strongly on the understanding of the relevance of child development, and the curriculum is designed in such a way that it supports the children holistically throughout their school journey.   


Between the ages of six and seven, pupils enter the Lower School (Class 1-8), where academic learning is introduced.  The core subjects of the curriculum are taught in blocks of three to four weeks which enables the children to fully immerse  themselves in the topic.  All lessons include a balance of artistic, practical and intellectual content.

A particular teacher may stay with the same class throughout the lower/middle school years.This unique continuity of care creates a deep bond with children and their families that can help shape their character and who they are as human beings and allows teachers to fully understand the needs of each child.  

For more information about the core Steiner Curriculum for Lower and Middle School and approach that we follow, please check out the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship page here.

Learning Support

The school offers a small part time Learning Team who provide individual support.  All Class Teachers work closely with them for the benefit of those children requiring additional support. 


Children with a wide range of abilities may need extra help during their school career. Support is carefully devised to suit the needs of each individual and is agreed with the Class Teacher, Guardian and parents. On occassion, the advice of the school nurse may be sought. 

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