School Inspection


In September 2014, the school inspectors from Education Scotland spent two days at the Upper School and were delighted by what they experienced, awarding the school four Very Good indicators and praising pupils and staff for their positive attitude to “the practical, real-life approach to their learning” offered at Drumduan.


Extracts from the report are given below. The full report can be read here.


According to the HMIe report, at Drumduan “Young people really benefit from, and are highly motivated by this personalised approach to learning. The school provides a broad and balanced curriculum which meets the needs of individual young people very well. Young people are achieving very well in traditional academic subjects such as science, mathematics, English and Spanish. In addition, they are acquiring a variety of practical skills for life and work, such as cooking, film-making, boat-building and surveying. As part of the planned curriculum, young people carry out work experience in the community, and get involved in a variety of community-based projects. The school has a strong commitment to providing opportunities for all young people to develop their creative and aesthetic talents through physical, dramatic, musical and artistic activities.”


The school inspectors identified the key strengths of the school as being:

“Approaches to personalised learning which provide a stimulating, creative and supportive ethos for learning.


Confident, articulate and respectful young people who take great pride in their work and many achievements.


The positive attitude of young people, all staff, and parents to making the school successful.


The leadership of the Principal in managing change and leading a culture of teamwork. “