Friends of Drumduan


At Drumduan, we want to engage with as wide a community as possible, to encourage a re-think of the education of our young people and to strive towards a better society for a happier and healthier world.


We would love to hear from you if you are interested in becoming a Friend of Drumduan. There are various different types of Friend that you can chose to be:


Be a Friend

Simply want to keep in touch?

Sign up for our monthly email- outs and we will let you know what the School is up to and of any up-coming events that you can participate in.  Sign up here.


Make a contribution to our running costs

Would you like to make a regular donation to the school?

Become a Friend that helps with the on-going running costs of the school. Set up a Direct Debit for as little or as much as you want to give the school in a monthly or annual payment. You can let us know whether you would like to be credited on our website or prefer to remain anonymous.


For more information and to set up a donation click here.


Supply us with a product

Are you a business that might become a Friend of Drumduan and supply us with something that will help us run the school, from loo paper to woodwork materials, gardening services or light bulbs?


The Great Little Stove Company in Forres recently donated a wood burning stove for our crafts shed. 


Sponsor something specific

Become a Sponsor of a specific element of the school, whether that be a donation towards building a new classroom, a contribution to the bursary fund or covering the cost of providing art materials or eco-cleaning products for the school for a year or more?


For more information and to set up a donation click here.