CLASS                                             ANNUAL FEES  

Kindergarten (3 days p/w)               £3,500
Kindergarten (4 days p/w)               £4,200
Kindergarten (5 days p/w)               £4,900

Class 1                                                £5,670 

Class 2                                                £6,281

Class 3                                                £6,281     

Class 4                                                £6,943   

Class  5                                               £6,943      

Class 6                                                £7,271

Class 7                                                £7,271

Class 8                                                £8,500

Class 9                                               £8,500

Class 10                                             £9,500

Class 11                                             £9,500

Class 12                                             £9,500

What’s included in the fees?

  • The cost of materials used regularly within the curriculum


Fees do not include:

  • The John Muir Award

  • Any costs associated with work experience for upper school students


A one off non-refundable fee of £50 is levied on all applications to cover the costs of meetings with families and the processing of applications.  Children who are eligible for Moray Council Early Years Funding are exempt from this fee.


1. Yearly Payment in advance/up front – to be paid by the 1st of August every year

2. Termly payment in advance/up front – to be paid by the 1st day of each new term (four terms – August 1st, October 1st, January 1st, and April 1st)

3. Monthly Direct Debit/Standing Order – to be paid by the 5th of each month.  Please note that monthly payments can only be accepted by Standing Order. 


One full term’s notice is required for the withdrawal of a child from school. This notice should be received by the School in writing on or before the first day of term.


A full terms fees are payable if insufficient notice is received. 


Moray Council Pre-School Funding may be available for children aged 3-4, ensuring a substantial discount on these Kindergarten fees.  Written details and application forms are available on request.


We offer a 15% discount on the fees of a second and any subsequent children attending Drumduan School.   A sibling discount will not apply if a child is in receipt of Moray Council Early Years Funding. 


It is an aspiration of the school that wherever possible, parents pay full fees for the child’s education. To this end the school works actively and supportively with parents to identify ways for them to fundraise where there is an anticipated shortfall.


Drumduan School is committed however to broadening access to the school by offering means-tested financial support, whenever possible, to those families on low income. When assessing the bursary applications, priority will be given to supporting new families coming to the school or when a change in family circumstances for existing families occurs.


Any requests for a bursary should be made to the Finance Officer.  Parents will be asked to complete a Bursary Application Form and return it with the required paperwork.  A meeting between parents and our Finance Group may then take place, and following this a decision on a bursary award will be given.


Please note that Bursary Assistance is extremely limited.  Any bursary agreement is for one year only, and parents must reapply annually.

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Regular School Hours:

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After School Care:

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