Early Years / Kindergarten

Age 3-6 years


Young children learn primarily through imitation, reflecting the moral and ethical actions and values of those around them. The role of the Kindergarten teacher is to provide a model for the children and a secure space in which to discover the world.


In the home-like environment of the Kindergarten, domestic activities such as baking, cooking, cleaning, gardening and sewing encourage a wide range of skills. Regular painting, drawing, and modelling with beeswax offer further outlets for creative expression.


Each day we make time for imaginative play both inside and outside in our garden, encouraging the children to conjure up ideas from within themselves and helping them to develop interactive skills such as co-operation, empathy and intuition.


Ring time provides the opportunity for singing, poems and movement, and creates a sense of togetherness. There is also daily storytelling and, often, puppet shows. Children move on to Main School with a wealth of seasonal songs, stories and verses learnt by heart, giving them a sound base for literacy and numeracy.

Kindergarten helps the children to develop their abilities to listen and concentrate and preserves their enthusiasm for life and for learning. Their experience of their group as a small community helps to create social competence, giving every child a sense of belonging.


We have two Kindergarten groups:  The Rowan Group and the Hazel Group.  Both groups operate daily from 8.45 – 12.45pm.  These are both for mixed age groups, allowing older and younger children to benefit from each other’s skills.

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Kindergarten Aftercare Programme - we also offer afternoon care from 12.45pm Monday to Friday - please click here to find out more. 

Care Inspectorate Report - February 2018

Drumduan Kindergarten were assessed by the Care Inspectorate and were rated as:

5 Very Good - Quality of care and support
4 Good - Quality of management and leadership


The inspector also found that “children were cared for in a very relaxed, caring and nurturing environment by staff that showed genuine care for children”.  Also noted was that the children were “fully engaged in a range of free play and more structured activities”, and that the “children enjoyed playing outside and benefited from the natural kindergarten environment and surrounding area”. 


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