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Meet our Team

We have a small, but wonderful team here at Drumduan School. Each member of staff brings an element of warmth and knowledge to our school.

If you wonder what it's like to work in our amazing school, feel free to view our job openings by clicking on the button below. 


Penny Wilkinson

Kindergarten Manager

Andrea Smart

Primrose Kindergarten Teacher

Mirjam Booij

Rowan Kindergarten Teacher

Gintaras Sadas

Rowan Kindergarten Assistant

Holly Woodnut

Rowan Kindergarten Assistant

Susana Hjrotenskog

Primrose Kindergarten Assistant

Rachel Middleton

Primrose Kindergarten Assistant


Class Teacher

Class One Teacher

Lisa Betts

Class 2 Teacher

Juanna Ladaga

Class 3/4 Teacher

Cecile Rocher

Class 5/6 Teacher

Jonathan Worsley

Class 7/8 Guardian

Jane Pearson

ASN Coordinator

Vicky Butterby

ASN Specialist

Kamilla Mawuenyega

Class 2 Assistant


Gardening & Crafts Teacher

Udo Reiss

Woodwork Teacher

Kirsty Wallace

Handwork Teacher


Rebecca Mitchell

Upper-School Coordinator, Class 9 Guardian & Science Teacher

Katie McKay

Class 10 Guardian, Performing Arts & History Teacher

Lorraine Teviotdale

Class 11/12 Guardian & English Teacher

Valeria Alberigio

Level 2 Maths Teacher

Diane Main

Art Teacher

Jim Hall

Level 3 Maths Teacher

John Curteis

Woodwork, Copperwork & Blacksmithing Teacher

Andrew Drummond

IT & Science Teacher

Office Team

Wei Ling Yong

Operational Manager

Holly Lazenby

Deputy Operational Manager

Jennifer Gibson

Safeguarding Coordinator

Kerstin Heath

Finance Manager

James Bryson

Accounts Assistant


Rosie Tait

Jim Hall

Andy Slater

Lisa Betts



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