Steiner Education is an internationally recognized, comprehensive curriculum from Kindergarten to

Class 12 in an unhurried, supportive and creative environment.  There is an emphasis on experiential education, a deep connection to nature, and the creativity that flows from children being given the space to develop in an appropriate technology school environment.

The curriculum emphasis is on meeting the developmental needs of the growing child in a healthy, balanced and creative way.  Academic study is enhanced and balanced with movement, music and artistic work, with crafts and outdoor activities part of the daily rhythm. 

There are currently over 1,100 Steiner Schools worldwide in 64 different countries, and nearly 2,000 Early Years settings in more than 70 countries!  It is the fastest growing education movement in the world.  We invite you to find out why! 

Watch 'Waldorf 100' Film celebrating 100 years of Waldorf Steiner Education!

Waldorf 100 – The Film (English)

Waldorf 100 – The Film (English)

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